All express diets promise fantastic results – weight loss in the shortest possible time. It is captivating and inspires hope. That’s why many women, having set out to lose weight, do not even think about the consequences. Yes, a “half-starved” diet will surely work. But only in the short term. Those 3-5 kg that you dropped in a week will return very soon. So why endure all the “hardships” of unbalanced diets, if for healthy weight loss you just need to revise your diet? With the specialists of MedAboutMe, we will outline the basic rules of healthy eating and useful life hacks that will help to throw off the “excess” without stress and harm to health.

With a change in diet and diet, the load on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract may increase. Subsequent weight loss is accompanied by the production of metabolites that can cause intoxication. Weakness, nausea, unhealthy complexion, acne during weight loss indicate the development of intoxication.

Enterosgel What to do? Help the body get rid of excess! In parallel with any weight loss scheme, you can use drugs aimed at collecting and eliminating harmful agents from the digestive tract. Such drugs are called enterosorbents. To reduce the toxic load on the body during weight loss, a domestic enterosorbent can be used without sugar, flavorings and dyes in the composition — a time-tested Enterosgel. The drug immediately after ingestion begins to adsorb toxic metabolites, bind and remove ballast from the gastrointestinal tract naturally. The soft paste-like form of Enterosgel selectively sorbs only harmful compounds and substances, promotes the healing of microtrauma of the mucous membranes of the digestive tract and the restoration of beneficial intestinal microflora. The use of a gel enterosorbent with a sharp weight loss can help to avoid intoxication of the body and its unpleasant symptoms.